Detetion page photo
Directed by Joseph Kahn
Produced by Josh Hutcherson,

Richard Weager,
MaryAnne Tanedo

Written by Joseph Kahn

Mark Palermo

Music by Josh Hutcherson

Dane Cook
Spencer Locke
Shanley Caswell
Aaron David Johnson

Cinematography Christopher Probst
Studio David Blackburn
Release date March 13, 2011

(SXSW Festival Premiere)
April 13, 2012

Country United States

Detention is a 2011 american comedy horror film. It stars Josh Hutcherson, Dane Cook Spencer Locke, and Shanley Caswell.


It's another year at Grizzly Lake High School for Riley (Shanley Caswell), a clever but cynical social outcast who is the unrequited love object of Sander (Aaron David Johnson), who is even less popular and more sexually frustrated than she is. Meanwhile, ironically named hipster Clapton (Josh Hutcherson) is head over heels for lone (Spencer Locke), a beautiful but self-absorbed cheerleader. All four are waiting out their final year of high school, but it's anyone's guess if they'll ever see graduation, as a serial killer known as Cinderhella is on the loose and preying on Grizzly Lake's student body. The principal (Dane Cook) is certain Cinderhella is a disgruntled student and figures he can keep the prom from turning into a bloodbath by putting the likely suspects in all-day detention on the day of the big dance.


  • Shanley Caswell as Riley Jones
  • Josh Hutcherson as Clapton Davis
  • Dane Cook as Principal Verge
  • Spencer Locke as Ione Willis
  • Aaron David Johnson as Sander Sanderson
  • Walter Perez as Elliot Fink
  • Erica Shaffer as Sloan
  • Lindsey Morgan as Alexis Spencer
  • Parker Bagley as Billy Nolan
  • Marque Richardson as Toby T.
  • Jonathan "Dumbfoundead" Park as Toshiba
  • Travis "Organik" Fleetwood as Gord