Party Wagon
Directed by Craig Bartlett

Tuck Tucker

Written by Craig Bartlett
Music by Sean Astin

Pamela Hayden
Maurice LaMarche
Carolyn Lawrence

Release date February 27, 2004
Running time 90 minutes
Country United States

Party Wagon is an animated television movie created by animator Craig Bartlett (of Hey Arnold! fame) for Cartoon Network. It was made to be a pilot for an animated series that Bartlett was making for Cartoon Network after he left Nickelodeon. However, the series was later scrapped. Little information of this series exists on the internet for this movie. After 8 years, the movie can now be viewed on famous video sharing website YouTube as of January 08, 2012[2], albeit it doesn't get removed due to copyright by Cartoon Network. On June 06, 2012 the video was removed and reuploaded on a dummy account.


The adventure starts off as a coming-of-age story for a teenager, Randolph P. McDuff, as he escapes his city life and seeks to start over in the west. On his journey, he meets fellow travelers Romeo Jones, Louis Clark Jefferson, the cranky wagon master Bumpy Schmitts, his daughter Onery Sue, and the rootin' tooin' cowgirl Subliminy Jill. This band of misfits headed west meet on a ferry traveling down the Mississippi River, headed by the creepy little Three-Eyed Jack. The ferry crashes, but right before the final plank busts, Jack tells of his hidden gem mine in El Glitterado and presents the travelers with a map. The remaining members band together and travel west, each with a torn piece of the salvaged map. The group eventually joins a wagon train following the Oregon Trail, and even let in two orphans they meet on the way. The rambunctious crew is deemed the ‘party wagon' of the train and is sent to be the last to follow all other wagons. Wacky hijinks ensue, leading to many complications, but throughout the story Randy grows as a character as he logs his daily adventures in a letter he plans to send to his aunt back in Maine. What's made matters worse is that Three-Eyed Jack survived the waterfall and is on the hunt to get his map back.